Healthcare Secured

Hello and welcome to this network visibility resource page. The intent of this webpage is to help healthcare IT network and security personnel better protect their network.

Geopolitical uncertainty has dramatically increased the chances that healthcare organizations will experience more security attacks in the next couple of years. It’s important for both your organization and you (the IT security professional) that your company doesn’t become another statistic for organizations that experienced a security breach. Even if your network gets breached, you want to create a self-healing and resilient architecture.

Security and Cyber Resilience

The resources on this page can help you accomplish two fundamental goals – security and resilience.

Learn how you can quickly and easily implement the following functions:

  1. Reduce as many vulnerabilities within the network as possible
  2. Find and quickly remediate intrusions that are discovered in the network
  3. Periodically test your defenses to make sure they are actually detecting and blocking threats
  4. Install equipment that promotes cyber resilience and self-healing – like external bypass switches and packet brokers

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