IXIA Network Visibility Solutions

Ixia Solutions Still Lead the Pack in Performance and Ease-of-Use

Hello and welcome to the Ixia network visibility resource page.

Ixia has been acquired by Keysight Technologies but we still have all of the same great technology and products that Ixia was known for.

This includes the Ixia line of Flextaps, iBypass, Vision One, and Vision X network packet brokers.

These are the best products on the market with the easiest user interface.

Our solutions deliver two fundamental functions that help your network monitoring and security teams:

Reduction in complexity – The patented dynamic filtering engine in our packet broker makes it just plain simple and easy to program our solution and removes the complexity of filtering rule programming.

Easy to use – A visual and intuitive user interface means that programming is fast and easy. All you need to know is how to double click and drag and drop – it’s that simple. Less than 30 minutes of product training is all you need.

We would love the opportunity to either prove our ease of use to you (or remind you) with a demonstration. Sign up now and we’ll show you.

Visibility is the Key to Everything

If you can’t visualize the threat or problem, then you’ll have a hard time solving it.

Use Ixia / Keysight visibility solutions to solve the following functions:

Network Security – Use bypass switches and network packet brokers to visualize inline and out-of-band security threats

Troubleshooting – Use taps and packet brokers to reduce your troubleshooting time by up to 80%

Performance – Optimize your network performance with packet broker-based data filtration to NPM and APM tools

Cost optimization – Use packet brokers to create a cost-effective load balancing solution that can generate 200% or more ROI