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Welcome to the Get Network Visibility Resources Portal

GNV is seeking to build the best ecosystem of network performance and security solutions providers. 

We welcome dedicating pages to your product offerings on this site, performing joint social media and external events, and more. The assets available to download from this page are provided to help you include GNV on your website and in your communications. Please use these items as provided without modification to color, representation, or phrasing. We’re always happy to answer branding questions and review work in progress. 

GNV Logo Assets

The refreshed Get Network Visibility look and feel includes a strong directional symbol incorporating the GNV acronym, and a representation of the innovative companies powering it.

GNV Logo Vertical Lock up

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Our Story

When describing the partnership with Get Network Visibility, use this approved text on web sites or print collateral. Please check with your Keysight contact to fill in the appropriate company names.

Get Network Visibility (GNV) helps large enterprises and government entities eliminate network blind spots that are among the top 5 leading reasons for network security and performance issues. Sponsored by Keysight, GNV is built upon the visionary work from companies such as: Ixia, NetOptics, and Anue. GNV provides insights, consulting and demos of packet-based solutions working alongside popular tool vendors such as: {insert your company name},{company name 2), and {company name 3), including for cloud deployments with Azure, Nutanix and Kubernetes, and many others to keep your networks safe and performing.

For more information or to contact us, please visit: