Protect Your Valuable Data from Bad Guys and Bad Equipment

Is network security, performance, or troubleshooting important to you? If so, you can’t afford to lose network data. Some packet brokers (like Gigamon*) can drop packet data under certain conditions due to their architecture. This means your IDS can miss security threats (maybe as much as 60% of them) and you won’t even know it.

CPU-based packet brokers (like those from Gigamon) are prone to data processing delays and feature compatibility problems due to their architecture. Keysight (Ixia) uses a completely different architecture (FPGA) for their higher end features (like deduplication) to process traffic at line speed without any processing delays or feature compatibility problems.

Don’t be victimized by a Gigamon visibility solution. See EVERYTHING and more with Keysight’s line of Vision packet brokers and taps.

Visibility is Security

The resources on this page can help you accomplish two fundamental goals – visibility and security.

Learn why Keysight visibility solutions are the best:

Keysight packet brokers use FPGAs to process enhanced features and functionality, not CPUs like Gigamon. This means our solution runs at full line rate and you never drop packets or lose data.

– Keysight has a patented dynamic filtering engine in our packet broker makes it just plain simple and easy to program our solution and removes the complexity of filtering rule programming.

Keysight packet brokers have a visual and intuitive user interface which means that programming is fast and easy when compared to Gigamon. All you need to know is how to double click and drag and drop – it’s that simple. Less than 30 minutes of product training is all you need

Unlike Gigamon, Keysight can run our extensive feature set (L2-L4 filtering, L7 filtering, deduplication, header stripping, n+1 load balancing, packet slicing, port tagging, decryption, NetFlow generation, aggregation, regeneration, redundancy, and more) concurrently.

* As stated in the Tolly Report titled, “Tolly Test Report #216100 – Ixia Network Tool Optimizer (NTO) 5288”