Viavi and Keysight: Complete Visibility and Troubleshooting Solutions 

Stop missing critical network events. Instead, rewind your network to quickly troubleshoot sporadic performance problems. The Keysight network visibility solution and Viavi’s GigaStor work together to capture and analyze network traffic in a scalable solution that can accurately and efficiently monitor networks of any size.

A Troubleshooting Network Time Machine

Storing Up to 576TB of Network Data for Days, Weeks, or Months, the GigaStor Can Navigate to the Exact Moment a Problem Happened to Show a Detailed Packet-Level View of Before, During and After the Occurrence

Keysight network visibility solutions passively direct out-of-band network traffic from multiple access points, such as SPANs, taps, and virtual taps (also sold by Keysight), in the network to the GigaStor for capture. Traffic is aggregated from all needed access points in the network to provide comprehensive visibility. The GigaStor records 100 percent of full duplex network traffic at 10G line-rate speeds. 

The Network Instruments GigaStor and Observer products

GigaStor’s retrospective network analysis (RNA) capabilities provide the benefit of perfect hindsight for attacking every network problem and anomaly. With continually captured data, GigaStor makes it easy to rewind your network, determine the problem source, perform comprehensive analysis, and move on. With RNA users can:  

• Quickly isolate and resolve network and application issues.  

• Ensure successful application deployments.  

• Reconstruct and troubleshoot VoIP calls.  

• Investigate and document compliance violations

Viavi Screen

Full Network Visibility for Viavi

Efficiently and Flexibly Direct Traffic to Gigastor Appliances and Other Monitoring Tools.

Keysight packet broker simultaneously aggregates traffic from multiple SPAN ports and physical and virtual taps in the network and directs the aggregated traffic to the GigaStor. This provides efficient access to asymmetric traffic across large heterogeneous networks. Traffic that should not be recorded or is not needed can be removed by the Keysight packet broker prior to consuming resources on the GigaStor.

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Monitoring and Securing Hybrid Environments (1:42)

Visibility Allows 100% Recording

Keysight network visibility solutions deliver all required traffic from anywhere in the network to the GigaStor to record 100% of the traffic for playback and analysis.  

• Simplified deployment – The solution is flexible enough to work in any network environment and can share access with monitoring and security tools that are already deployed.  

• Easily scalable – Additional 1G, 10G, 40G, 100G, 400G, or virtual ports can be added and adjusted to meet bandwidth requirements.  

• High availability – Automatically direct traffic to other GigaStor appliances as needed.  

• Expand storage capacity – Packet de- duplication can significantly increase capacity to rewind your network in time.