Less Risk. Less Work.

Less Cost.

You’ve got the tools. We’ve got the data

Most IT, security, and compliance teams face a similar challenge: too many tools and alerts to manage, and too few analysts and hours in the day to manage them. Connecting your performance monitoring and cybersecurity tools to a strong visibility fabric eliminates the complexity that comes from managing tools in silos and connecting dozens of tools directly to multiple network/cloud access points.

  • Base decisions on reliable data
  • Reduce IT and security teams’ workload
  • Extend the value of new and existing tool investments
  • illuminate blind spots where attackers love to hide


See Deeper Inside Your Network to Uncover Vulnerabilities

The complexity of the enterprise IT environment is increasing, and the attack surface is growing rapidly due to continued trends of remote work, work from home, cloud services, and bring your own device (BYOD) policies. Packets provide a complete source of network intelligence and power IT security tools for inspection and analysis.

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