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Powered by full packet visibility, for unrivaled network security and performance monitoring. Simply put, the best source of truth about what is happening with digital infrastructure and services are the data packets that traverse networks. With full access to packets crossing the wire, analysis tools can diagnose and warn you about security incidents, performance issues, compliance violations, capacity trends, and more.


at a glance


at a glance


See Deeper Inside Your Network to Uncover Vulnerabilities

The complexity of the enterprise IT environment is increasing, and the attack surface is growing rapidly due to continued trends of remote work, work from home, cloud services, and bring your own device (BYOD) policies. Packets provide a complete source of network intelligence and power ITsecurity tools for inspection and analysis

Performance Monitoring Tech Partners

Optimize Application Performance and End-User Experience with Network Visibility

Today’s machine learning, real-time performance monitoring provides the visibility and insight you need to hold vendors accountable for application issues and launch proactive troubleshooting of your own. These tools enable pre-emptive strategies beyond troubleshooting by maintaining peak performance, identifying and resolving issues before they affect end-users

Channel Partners

Regional and Local Expertise to Bring Focus to Your Visibility Projects

An ecosystem of worldwide reseller partners to market, sell, deliver, and support solutions for validating, securing, and optimizing networks and the applications that run on them. See a partial list using the Find Partners below

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