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We Supercharge Your Network Security and Performance Tools

Every tool you own needs reliable data

Keysight delivers accurate, actionable visibility across your entire hybrid network/cloud environment. Your investments in monitoring, detection, response and cybersecurity are only as good as the data they get to access and analyze. Keysight sends the right data to the right tool every time so your tools – and your IT, security, and leadership teams—make the best possible decisions with the least amount of effort and time.

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Complete Access and Actionability Matter—

Especially with AI

AI-powered tools may learn fast, and on their own, but they can only train themselves on the data that’s available. Hybrid visibility or ‘observability’ must be 100% complete – that means no blind spots or missing data ever. Keysight offers the broadest range of network and cloud taps to make achieving 100% access to data fast and cost-effective – from the edge to the datacenter to the cloud and back—and our Vision network packet brokers (NBPs) process in hardware so you never drop packets, even with high-powered advanced features running. 


We Already Partner with your Partners

Keysight Partners with the Same Technology Leaders You Do.

Visibility is a means to an end—monitoring, detection, response, secure remote work, digitalization, and other vital initiatives—so Keysight partners with the same technology leaders you do.  Visit our partners page for a complete list of partner integrations and browse our library of resources and joint success stories.

And, contact us if you need help finding a solution provider or value added reseller partner.

Better Than the Others

What We Are Known For

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Security Matters

Keysight doesn’t just provide visibility for security monitoring—which includes decryption, network resilience, and security intelligence—we provide technology leading manufacturers worldwide use for developing, testing and providing cybersecurity products and services. Our end-to-end focus helps ensure compliance and keep the journey to Zero Trust on track.

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We Don’t Just Hear – We Listen

Your technology partners need to listen and pull together to meet evolving needs for insight, automation, modern speed, and scale. Keysight listens to our customers as we bring new products, features and services to market and continue to make them better.  Along with satisfaction surveys and regular business reviews, we constantly collaborate and communicate with our customers as well as our technology and channel partners—the best of the best—to stay a few steps ahead of emerging business and technology needs.

Customers Like Our Products Better

Keysight ‘inherits’ more than its fair share of customers who were dissatisfied with the performance, difficult operation, and other limitations of their previous visibility solution. Our focus on delivering the industry’s highest-quality visibility fabric includes using modular hardware and system clustering solutions that allow customers to scale visibility on demand. Along with leveraging leading-edge technology, we add rich and actionable intelligence, and support automation that streamlines ROI and day-to-day operation.

All About Your Success

We Fit Your Business Model

Subscription or Purchase?

Some vendors push enterprises to adopt SaaS and subscription-based purchasing plans for products and essential support. Keysight offers flexible engagement models that ensure both the best ROI long-term and that your tools never lose access to vital visibility data because somebody forgot to renew licenses.

“We’ve Been at This a While!”

Where Companies Get Information on How to Protect Their Networks

Keysight’s product portfolio and visibility architecture leverage the best of the best—Ixia, BreakingPoint, and other visibility and security innovators—as well as the networking and customer service leadership of Keysight Technologies, a $5B publicly traded global company with an unrivaled reputation for delivering quality products and support to Fortune 1000 companies, service providers, government agencies—and—the vendors whose monitoring tools running in your networks and clouds.

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Keysight Technologies

Keysight (Who Acquired Ixia), is Passionate About Eliminating Blind Spots That Impact Your Organization’s Security and Performance.

Get Network Visibility displays the best visibility ecosystem of products, solutions, partners, services, and consultation to help large enterprises tackle today’s challenges.

New Keysight Vision 400 Series Network Packet Brokers

Efficiently Monitor High-Speed Networks Up to 400G

Increasingly large, fast and complex hybrid software defined networks can overwhelm security and monitoring tools and create blind spots. Keysight’s two new 400 Series Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) superscale tools by intelligently providing them all the data they need, even at 400G speeds.

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In the News!

Keysight Commended by Frost & Sullivan for Dominating the Network Packet Brokers Market with a Compelling Portfolio of Solutions.

Keysight’s modular, high-performing Vision X NPB delivers deep network visibility to help data centers make their network and security operations disruption-proof.

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