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Our Passion is to Eliminate Network Blind Spots

Blind spots

They Prevent You From Seeing Network Security Threats and Performance Issues.

We can help!

Lack of Visibility is Among the Top 5 Annual Reported Key Challenges in Network Security.

We Provide Large Enterprises (Fortune 2000), with Resources, Product Recommendations, and Educational Services to Solve the Most Pressing Problems, Keep Them Out of the Bad News Headlines, and Allow You to Prosper.

Strong visibility architectures let you access traffic of all types from all locations with speed and accuracy, centrally process that traffic to get the data your tools need and deliver that data with unsurpassed efficiency and reliability.

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Network Visibility

Only 100% Packet Visibility Ensures That You See All the Security and Performance Problems.

Visibility solutions provide real-time, end-to-end visibility, insight and security into physical, virtual, cloud networks, delivering the control, coverage and performance in a seamless fashion to protect and improve crucial networking, data center and cloud business assets.

Get underway with these three straightforward steps.

Step 1

Capture all your network traffic by tapping every network link.

Step 2

Through non-production links, traffic flows to one or more network packet brokers where duplicate data is removed then filtered by traffic type, deduplication, SSL decryption, and application filtering.

Step 3

Your security, performance and monitoring tools receive the most appropriate data stream, tailored specifically for that tool; your tools work more efficiently, and most effectively.



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Many Fortune 2000 (large Enterprise and Government Agencies) contact us with a set of security requirements and needs and are seeking advice on how to best implement a visibility platform that can provide 100% visibility and be the best value for the tools they have in place or are thinking of procuring.

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We have a worldwide lab running high-end traffic generators, taps and packet brokers with the latest security and performance tools to see how they work together. We also can demonstrate a breach and attack simulator (BAS) that can safely find and provide remedial actions to shore up any network weakness.


Are you a large Enterprise that would like to know more? Contact us if you would like a webinar on a given visibility topic or would like us to visit your location on the topic of visibility for security and/or monitoring. We can also arrange any of our partners to join us as appropriate.




Our interest is to help you establish a visibility network architecture that can provide the security and performance foundation for all your IT strategies.  We aren’t selling any products here.  We will recommend some, but if we can de-clutter all the noise out there, save you time and provide useful insights, then our job is done.


We know there are many options, such as log analysis, using SPAN ports, and other ways to understand your data center’s operational readiness.  We believe in the gold standard—100% real-time visibility that leaves nothing to chance.


Security is a never-ending journey that new bad actors try to get through every day.  Your SecOps team needs a partner to help them keep up with the latest approaches and technology.  We want to be that partner.

Our History

Where Top Brands Go to Protect Their Networks

Our roots go back to 1997 and we serve a broad array of customers, including Fortune 2000 companies and the world’s leading carriers and network equipment manufacturers. Our industry-leading solutions help our customers tap the intelligence of their network to achieve their business objectives. The product portfolio, services and consulting have been used by many of the world’s top brands including

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Keysight Technologies and NetworkDataPedia

Keysight (Who Acquired Ixia), is Passionate About Eliminating Blind Spots That Impact Your Organization’s Security and Performance.

They sponsored this site, as a thought leadership platform to display the best visibility ecosystem of products, solutions, partners, services, and consultation to help large enterprises tackle today’s challenges.

Who We Serve

Fortune 2000 Companies to Make Their Networks Reliable, Fast, and Secure.

Networks are gaining speed and complexity to support hybrid IT networks and multi-cloud business deployments for applications such as 5G, remote work, artificial intelligence (AI), video streaming, and augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR).

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Threat simulator (BAS)

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Enable Your Network and Security Teams to Measure Operational Security Effectiveness By Safely Simulating the Latest Attacks and Exploits on Live Networks.

New Vision 400 Series Network Packet Brokers

Efficiently Monitor High-Speed Networks Up to 400G

Increasingly large, fast and complex hybrid software defined networks can overwhelm security and monitoring tools and create blind spots. Keysight’s two new 400 Series Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) superscale tools by intelligently providing them all the data they need, even at 400G speeds.

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Interested in seeing an intuitive, graphical (drag and drop) interface to configure a Network Packet Broker to optimize your security tools?

Keysight in the News!

Keysight Commended by Frost & Sullivan for Dominating the Network Packet Brokers Market with a Compelling Portfolio of Solutions.

Keysight’s modular, high-performing Vision X NPB delivers deep network visibility to help data centers make their network and security operations disruption-proof.

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