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Insight into Next-Generation Networks

Service Providers are Under Constant Pressure to Modernize Networks and Deliver an Exceptional User Experience.

Ensure your virtualized and 5G networks are high-performing and cost-effective, with solutions for pre-deployment testing, resilient security, total packet access, and continual performance monitoring.

Key Service Provider Solutions

Bring Your 5G Ideas to Market Faster

Deliver Secure and Connected 5G Services Using Keysight’s Deep Expertise in Cellular and IP Networks.

Break through complexity to quickly innovate, transform, and win in 5G with our leading test, measurement, and visibility solutions.

  • Design, test, and deliver 5G-compliant and high-performance systems with early access to insights that speed development and reduce risk
  • Use our integrated solutions to streamline workflows and ensure reliable results
  • Run secure and connected 5G services that work in the real world using end-to-end insight from the device to the edge to the core of your network

Introducing IXPROBE

Meet Tough SLAs and Lock In Service Assurance with Inline and Active Monitoring

Put yourself in control of your network’s edge with fewer truck rolls, faster troubleshooting, and effortless deployment at scale.

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Service Provider

Success Stories


Major Regional Service Provider

Deploying network visibility solutions for increasing security resilience helped this provider reduce their intrusion alerts and lower their operating costs.

Award Winning LTE/4G Test Platform

Learn more about the unsurpassed test coverage, test realism, ease-of-use, and massive scalability that are the foundation of Keysight test solutions.


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