DevOps at Scale

In Today’s Continuous World, It’s Essential That Software Delight Users and Drives Positive Business Outcomes.

Delivering on these expectations is no easy feat, however, testing teams are under pressure with shortening time windows and our technology environment is only growing more complex and interconnected, begging the question: how can companies possibly keep up?

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Finance Industry Expertise

We Have Sales Support Presence in All Major Financial Centers Around the World

including Chicago, New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Singapore, Hong Kong-China, Tokyo and Sydney. These sales staff have years of experience at selling to financial services customers and understand the particular requirements and operating environment of the finance and capital markets industry.

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Optimize UX

If It’s Digital, Users Expect It to Work, at Every Interaction, and on Every Possible Platform and Operating System.

In this age where digital transformation is so dependent upon better quality software, testing is more important than ever before. As such, companies must abandon the legacy approach of simply testing code and instead embrace a strategy that tests from the user perspective and delivers insights to optimize their experiences.

Secure Clock Synchronization

for Financial and Regulatory Compliance

TimeKeeper® is the Leading Enterprise-Class Clock Sync Platform Solution for the Financial Trading Industry.

In partnership with FSMLabs, the experts in timing technology, TimeKeeper’s innovative solutions can reliably synchronize time-critical application servers and virtual machines in data centers and hybrid cloud environments around the world to within sub-µs accuracy. This provides traceability to official time sources such as UTC and NIST.

Regulatory Compliance

We Can Help Financial Institutions Meet Demanding Compliance Obligations in a Variety of Ways.

  • Use taps to make an identical copy of every single trade or transaction and act as the absolute truth in the event of a compliance challenge
  • Use packet brokers to timestamp packets and demonstrate timing of trades
  • Use TradeVision to measure latency and demonstrate compliance with best execution requirements

Fix Market Feed Issues Fast

TradeVision — The World’s Best High-Speed Feed Quality Monitoring Tool.

Need to monitor the quality of your market data feeds from Exchanges or market data vendors? Need to identify and fix trading issues fast? Need to plan your trading network capacity for growth? We offer the worlds leading market data aware feed monitor tool — TradeVision

Test Your

Banking Security Strength

Financial Institutions Are a High Value Target for Cyber Criminals.

Understanding the vulnerability and susceptibility of IT infrastructure is a key part of risk reduction.

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digital lock

The Need for Speed

With High Frequency Trading, Nano Seconds Matter, and So Passive Optical Fiber Taps Offer a Great Way of Monitoring Network Performance.

Fiber taps are a reliable and cost effective way of providing packet data to cyber-security and network performance tools. Our range of optical taps are deployed in over 300 financial institutions around the world and we offer two ranges of optical taps:

Flex Taps

Modular, cost effective with multiple split ratios and fiber standard support

Patch Taps

Small footprint and Ideal for super low latency applications





Start Planning Today

Network Visibility Product Catalog

Build a visibility solution -network packet brokers, taps, bypass switches and more.

Network Performance and Security

Know how your network is running so you can hit tough SLAs – then secure it.

Plays well

with others

We provide data from every network segment, every type of cloud, encrypted or not, and filters at line-rate speed to increase efficiency.