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Protect Subscribers and Comply with Government Regulations

Network Visibility solutions ensure your subscribers are protected from cybercrime and that your network can meet government regulations. Virtualized and 5G networks require high performance/cost-effective visibility solutions for security, pre-deployment testing, total data access, continual performance monitoring, and compliance. Explore the solutions below.

Protect Subscribers from Cybercrime Threats

Subscribers are at risk…

from fraud and malicious software operations conducted by organized criminals using carrier networks as a delivery mechanism. Serious reputational damage can occur if Service Providers allow these threats to proliferate on their networks without capabilities to investigate incidents and assist law enforcement in the gathering of electronic evidence.


Assist Law Enforcement Investigations

Government and law enforcement agencies require Service Providers…

to assist them during criminal and emergency investigations. Strict regulations on the telecom industry have been created, especially around data disclosure. Significant financial penalties can be imposed on Service Providers that fail to implement security measures mandated by the government. Service providers should understand these regulations and that network visibility solutions can help them comply with government assistance requests.

Lawful Intercept 2

Best Practices to Implement a Compliant Service Provider Network

Lawful data intercept is fairly straight forward by definition…

but not by application. The simple definition of “lawful data intercept” is the requirement to support a government agency in the collection of data communications. This is where the simplicity ends. What you need to support and how depends on the government agency requesting the information and your role in the delivery of the communication information.

Lawful Intercept 3

Service Provider Saves $200k and Delivers Regulatory Compliance

A mobile telecommunications company in Europe was looking…

for a visibility solution that would allow them to deliver information for compliance and regulatory purposes. Read about this successful implementation that helped them avoid heavy fines and potential suspension of its telecom license.

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