Industrial and Utilities

Industrial Cybersecurity for IT and ICS/OT

Deploying Technologies That Can Monitor Control Systems, Detect Malicious Activity and Facilitate Response Actions to Cyber Threats is Central to Ensuring the Safe Operations of Critical Systems.

See the Vision T1000 Industrial Packet Aggregator

Solutions for Industrial and Utilities: Tough Taps and Aggregators

Industrial Packet Aggregators for ICS/OT

Industrial network packet aggregator solves the challenge of getting visibility into remote sites with harsh environments, such as power substations, mining sites, and other unique locations that have a wide range of environmental requirements.

When used with Keysight’s Copper and Flex Tough Taps, the Vision T1000 aggregates multiple input streams into multiple aggregated output streams– optimizing scarce tool port requirements within your substation.

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Why Your ICS/OT SCADA Architecture Needs Visibility

A Strong Cybersecurity Strategy for ICS Must Now Include the Ability to See What Network Traffic is Flowing Inside Your Entire Network

both the IT enterprise network and the OT operational technology network. And we call that, Network Visibility. Why?

Because you can’t protect what you can’t see.

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Industrial Cybersecurity For IT And ICS/OT

Industrial Monitoring

Digital transformation requires the deepest insights from your network. Pressure test your infrastructure at scale with simulated traffic, validate security with breach and attack simulation, and gain visibility into every packet. Safe, reliable, and responsive networks rely on us.

Industrial Fortification

The US electric generation and transmission infrastructure is one of the most complex systems in the world. Comprised of over 9,000 power plants, and 300,000 miles of high voltage transmission lines, it has a combined generation capacity of one million megawatts

Industrial Validation

how can you be sure that your cybersecurity defenses are actually working? In a recent Visibility survey, 75% of companies surveyed have been breached on average once each year. Research indicates that only 50% of security professionals are confident in their current security solutions.

Industrial Monitoring

It didn’t take a worldwide pandemic for Industrial IT teams to realize that ICS/OT cybersecurity ought to be their #1 priority. In 2017, a NotPetya attack disrupted vaccine production at a major pharmaceutical company, causing $1.3 billion in damages and proved to the world that cyberattacks can cripple the operations of its victims.

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