Hybrid Cloud

Moving to the cloud is a business decision. You need to make sure you have all of the facts before you make the leap — as you Do Not want to be blinded by the cloud. Blinded by the cloud means that what makes sense financially in one area, may cost you significantly in other areas. A big part of this is network visibility. You need visibility across your whole network, whether it’s 100% cloud or a mixture of cloud and physical on-premises. This visibility is absolutely necessary to avoid performance and security problems.

For instance, according to research from Dimensional Data, 88% of companies surveyed experienced some sort of issue with their cloud environment due to a lack of visibility into what is, and is not, happening within that environment. These issues include performance problems, service outages, missed security threats, and more. Another study, the State of Hybrid Cloud survey report published by Virtana, found that 72% of enterprises that moved their operations to the cloud decided to move at least one application back to an on-premises location. This is because an estimated 41% of the applications should never have been moved to the cloud in the first place. Unfortunately, proper planning was not done initially to catch design problems.

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) recently published their set of findings  Network Visibility Architecture for the Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Enterprise. The report is full of interesting survey findings, like this one. EMA found that 46% of companies moving to the cloud said the cloud created blind spots, i.e., places where IT personnel are unable to collect data for performance and security analysis, in their architecture.

Make your next cloud computing migration project successful. You can’t afford to leave “things” to chance — your reputation could be riding on it.

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