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Allegro and Keysight: Real-time Visibility to Diagnose Network Performance

Today’s system administrators are busy enough to need tools that can scale and provide actionable insights. By displaying and correlating all data traffic, IT experts can locate network errors in seconds to quickly resolve network problems. This can reduce or even prevent downtimes.

Seeing is Believing

Allegro Packets’ troubleshooting appliances are diagnostic tools for network analysis. They are
deployed by network administrators around the world to analyze network traffic in real-time, whether the event to be analyzed is current or in the past.

They provide high granularity and detailed analysis. As a result, network problems, performance bottlenecks and packet losses can be quickly identified. Further, the Allegro Network Multimeters use high performance, powerful software algorithms to analyze load peaks and disturbances. At the same time, they act as powerful network monitoring tools to ensure high network quality.

Real-Time IT Performance and Network Traffic Analytics

The Allegro Network Multimeter provides appliances tools for network analysis. It delivers high granularity and detailed analysis through powerful software algorithm, analyzing load peaks and disturbances. With advanced reporting capabilities, the Allegro Network Multimeter also helps teams to monitor network performance over time, identify trends, and make informed decisions about network upgrades. Benefits include:

• optimize network traffic  

• spot and diagnostic network issues

• quickly identify and address network performance

• improve the overall health and reliability of their network

Allegro Packets

The Allegro Network Multimeter

Together, the Keysight/Ixia packet broker solution and the Allegro Network Multimeter provides a complete network visibility and troubleshooting solution.

The packet broker solution provides the visibility and filtering
capabilities necessary to optimize network traffic, while the Allegro Network Multimeter works at spotting and diagnostic network issues. This combination enables IT teams to quickly identify and address network performance ultimately improving the overall health and reliability of their network


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Keysight and Allegro (5:20)

Visibility Provides the Data, Allowing Analysis, that Leads to Insights

Keysight/Ixia’s packet broker solution and Allegro Network Multimeter are two powerful
tools that work together to provide a comprehensive network visibility and security solution.

Benefits include:

• Efficiently get access to all data needed for analysis, without burdening production network devices

• Identify and isolate network performance concerns, security anomalies and suspicious behaviors

• Enable bandwidth and user monitoring, and capacity planning, to remove bottlenecks

• Gain access to data from physical, virtual, and cloud networks, thus avoiding monitoring blind spots

• Make informed decisions and deal with network anomalies in near real-time