Darktrace and Keysight: Self-Learning AI for a Lasting Security Advantage

Thousands of customers worldwide rely on Darktrace and Keysight to strengthen their security posture and augment incident response across hybrid networks and clouds— and you can too. Our joint solution supercharges your cyber defense strategy with a powerful and lasting advantage amidst today’s ever-evolving threat landscape.

Autonomous Immunity 

An Immune System for Autonomous Cyber Defense.

Darktrace’s Immune System detects and responds to novel attacks and insider threats across the cloud, email, endpoints, IoT, ICS, and the corporate network. Powered by Self-Learning AI, the Enterprise Immune System learns normal ‘patterns of life’ to protect against unknown and unpredictable cyberthreats.

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Darktrace: Looking Beyond “Patterns of Life”

Darktrace’s Immune System learns normal ‘patterns of life’ to discover unpredictable cyber-threats, while delivering visibility across your dynamic workforce — from cloud and SaaS to endpoints and the corporate network. Keysight’s visibility solutions provide Darktrace with precisely the right data from hybrid networks and clouds for use in real-time Self-Learning AI analysis.

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See Threats in Real-Time

The AI Machine Registers Activity It Deems Malicious to Provide a View of Active Threats.

Darktrace can also rewind to see how any given alert spawned. By using proprietary algorithms, it can detect patterns outside the norm and display the origins of the attack and whether it is seeking to spread.  The alert can then be further analyzed and if necessary, Darktrace can proactively isolate the computing resource to avoid subsequent virality.   Further, it can review all users and show which are becoming or developing a higher risk—prompting a review before more serious situations can develop.

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Darktrace – An advanced AI platform for cyber security (3:25)


The Immunity Booster

Keysight’s intelligent visibility solutions complement the Darktrace platform with fast, easy access to all required traffic from your hybrid IT environment — networks, data centers, and private and public clouds. Network and virtual and cloud taps capture and send traffic to network packet brokers (NPBs) for advanced packet processing to speed and optimize utilization by Darktrace and other performance and security monitoring solutions.

We Deliver Pre-Processed Data to Darktrace for Real-Time Analysis. Highlights Include: 

• Complete Easy Access: NPBs aggregate and process traffic from multiple taps (or SPANs) placed throughout the network  

• Complete Visibility: into east-west traffic using virtual taps, & cloud traffic using CloudLens  

• Traffic Grooming: Keysight visibility filters out unwanted monitoring data (duplicates, unnecessary packets, headers, etc.) before sending it to Darktrace and load balances traffic across multiple monitoring solutions to extend their use and value  

• Seamless Integration: Keysight’s intuitive user interface and automation capabilities integrate seamlessly with Darktrace’s Immune System platform  

• Active SSL Decryption: To speed analysis of decrypted traffic  

The joint solution delivers complete visibility of hidden and unknown cyber-threats across your entire digital infrastructure. Advanced intelligence and automation enable simplified deployment in any network environment with additional 1G, 10G, 40G, or 100G ports added easily as the business scale.