Extrahop and Keysight: Visibility for Securing Today’s Hybrid Networks

Today’s businesses rely on IT operations and security operations (SecOps) teams collaborating seamlessly to ensure the best customer experience while remaining secure and compliant with industry regulations. Together, ExtraHop and Keysight provide complete visibility and definitive insight across your hybrid enterprise.

Intelligence is Key

Intelligence Equips IT Teams to Find the Root Cause of Performance Problems Instantly and Helps SecOps Automatically Detect and Investigate Threats.

ExtraHop’s IT operations product leverages best-of-breed analytics and machine learning (ML) anomaly detection to enable rapid investigation and root-cause analysis. ExtraHop Reveal(x) network traffic analysis combines the same powerful analysis with security-focused workflows and ML-driven insight into behavior that helps SecOps teams detect, investigate, and respond to threats in just a few clicks. Keysight network visibility solutions complement ExtraHop by ensuring efficient access to the packet-level network and cloud traffic needed for fast, accurate analysis.

Real-Time IT Performance and Network Traffic Analytics

ExtraHop for IT ops and ExtraHop Reveal(x) auto-discover and classify every transaction, flow, session, and device across data centers, hosted applications, and remote branches. Operating at sustained speeds up to 100 Gbps, capabilities include the following:

• auto-discovery and classification of all devices and assets across hybrid networks  

• Continuous ML for automated detection and investigation of behavioral anomalies  

• real-time SSL/TLS decryption  

• intuitive, context-rich interface  

• automated response workflows  

• attack-chain model, risk scoring, and threat intelligence

Faster Action and Higher Performance

ExtraHop and Keysight Solutions Deployed Together Reduce Risk and Promote Scalable Operations and Cost-Effective Expansion of Your Monitoring and Security Infrastructures.

Keysight’s Vision series of NPBs aggregates and directs traffic from multiple network access points such as taps and SPAN ports to the ExtraHop system for analysis 

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Keysight and Extrahop (1:27)

Visibility is Key to Powering Extrahop’s Security and Performance Solutions

The packet-level visibility achieved using Keysight streamlines performance and security analysis through the following:

• reliable, zero-loss advanced packet processing

• aggregation and load balancing of traffic from all needed access points across ExtraHop appliances and input ports

• removal of duplicate packets and other traffic not needed for analysis to optimize resource consumption, throughput, and storage capacity

• user interface and Dynamic Filter Compiler known for easy operation and automated definition of rules

• SSL decryption to help detect hidden threats

• support for physical and virtual networks across a common infrastructure

• full visibility across on-premises data centers and private and public clouds (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google)