Buy Down Security and Network Performance Risk with Keysight & ExtraHop

Deploy Keysight and ExtraHop together for complete visibility into security threats and network performance issues across your hybrid enterprise.

Zero Trust Starts with 100% Visibility 

Achieve the speed, scale, and streamlined operations you need to keep defenders in control.

Pairing Keysight network visibility with ExtraHop RevealX delivers:

  • 100% network visibility
  • Reliable access to network and cloud traffic
  • Real-time monitoring and analysis for fast investigation and response
  • Improved network and application performance 

Tap into Unified Network Intelligence for Performance and Security

RevealX offers network detection and response (NDR) and network performance monitoring (NPM) in a single, cloud-native platform. Integrate RevealX with a Keysight visibility fabric to obtain packets from access points across your network environment for automated analysis and threat detection:

• Eliminate complexity  

• Remove duplicate and unwanted packets  

• Decrypt SSL/TLS traffic to find hidden threats  

• Generate rich NetFlow metadata to contextualize threats

Move at the Speed of Risk

RevealX Network Detection and Response(NDR) uses the power of AI to drive real-time detection, rapid investigation, and intelligent response to sophisticated cyber threats. RevealX Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) leveragesmachine learning (ML) to identify network and application performance issues and expedite time to action.

Faster Action and Higher Performance

ExtraHop and Keysight Solutions Deployed Together Reduce Risk and Promote Scalable Operations and Cost-Effective Expansion of Your Monitoring and Security Infrastructures.

Keysight’s Vision series of NPBs aggregates and directs traffic from multiple network access points such as taps and SPAN ports to the ExtraHop system for analysis 

Watch the video

Extrahop RevealX (5:58)

Visibility is Key to Powering Extrahop’s Security and Performance Solutions

The packet-level visibility achieved using Keysight streamlines performance and security analysis through the following:

• reliable, zero-loss advanced packet processing

• aggregation and load balancing of traffic from all needed access points across ExtraHop appliances and input ports

• removal of duplicate packets and other traffic not needed for analysis to optimize resource consumption, throughput, and storage capacity

• user interface and Dynamic Filter Compiler known for easy operation and automated definition of rules

• SSL decryption to help detect hidden threats

• support for physical and virtual networks across a common infrastructure

• full visibility across on-premises data centers and private and public clouds (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google)