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Palo Alto and Keysight: Intelligence to Secure the Enterprise

Cybersecurity is a moving target and time is of the essence. With many disparate parts and a lack of collaboration among selected vendors in enterprise networks, the fight against cyber threats could be an uphill battle.

An Intelligent and Integrated Framework 

The Palo Alto Networks® Security Operating Platform Prevents Successful Cyberattacks Through Intelligent Automation.

This platform combines network and endpoint security with threat intelligence and accurate analytics to help streamline routine tasks, automate protection and prevent cyber breaches. Tight integrations across the platform and with ecosystem partners deliver consistent security across clouds, networks and mobile devices, natively providing the right capabilities at the right place across all stages of an attack lifecycle.

Palo Alto: Real-Time IT Performance and Network Traffic Analytics

The integration between Palo Alto Networks and Keysight create a highly intelligent and integrated framework for scaling cybersecurity across your hybrid network. Security begins with end-to-end visibility, including packet-level data needed to spot anomalies and perform drill-down analysis to identify and contain threats. Keysight’s intelligent visibility architecture captures, aggregates, and processes packet-level data from networks for use in monitoring, analysis and forensics efforts. In addition to this comprehensive data delivery platform, Keysight has developed a specific heartbeat packet for Palo Alto Network’s NGFWs to speed deployment and provides reliability for a security operation that depends on uptime for protection. Tightly integrated solutions from Keysight and Palo Alto Networks promote insightful threat hunting and real-time incident response while improving security resilience – the ability of the network to return to a normal state after detecting a breach.

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Access to the Security Fast Track Lane

Integrated Network Visibility and Cybersecurity Fast Tracks Analysis, Streamlines Operation, and Optimizes Use of Resources.

Keysight bypass switches feature integrated Palo Alto Networks heartbeats to speed configuration and safeguard networks from link, power, and device outages.

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The Case for Full Visibility to Power Palo’s Security

Use Case #1  

Challenge: Preventing and recovering from outages and maintenance windows, increasing uptime.  

Solution: Deploying Keysight iBypass switches with Palo Alto Networks NGFWs safeguards availability and gives information technology (IT) teams the flexibility to have tools “fail open” or “fail closed” so traffic can continue to flow in the event of link or power failure, or scheduled maintenance. Switches send pre-configured “heartbeat” packets to Palo Alto Networks firewalls to automatically verify and update status.  

Use Case #2  

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