Riverbed and Keysight: Visibility for Unified Network Performance Monitoring

Today’s business users expect a world-class digital experience, all the time and for every user. The joint solution combining Riverbed Unified Network Performance Monitoring (UNPM) with Keysight Visibility Platform provides IT teams with the insight needed to make that happen by finding and fixing potential issues before they impact the business.

Full Fidelity for Network Performance

Riverbed Unified Network Performance Monitoring (UNPM) Delivers Full-Fidelity Visibility That Blends Insight Into Applications, Network, and Infrastructure Performance Monitoring.

Keysight’s intelligent Visibility Platform assures Riverbed UNPM of access to all—and only—the network and cloud data packets and flows needed for fast, accurate analysis. 

Unified Network Performance Monitoring

A one-stop solution for managing the entire digital service, Riverbed UNPM provides IT teams:  

• A holistic view of performance spanning an organization’s entire application and service delivery architecture  

• Hybrid on-premises, virtual and cloud deployments options  

• Full suite of analytics capabilities: Network Performance, and Network Detection and Response  

• High-speed packet capture, flow collection, and device polling  

• Role-specific insights through custom dashboard views  

• The ability to drill down into any performance issue both reactively and proactively  

• End-to-end network monitoring reporting and analytics 


End-to-End Visibility for Riverbed

Frank Rubio of Riverbed Discusses How Ixia’s Visibility Architecture Helps Get Monitoring Data to Its SteelCentral Platform

Keysight’s Vision series of NPBs aggregates and directs traffic from multiple network access points such as taps and SPAN ports for line-speed feeding of Riverbed’s performance tools 



Visibility Assures Vital Access for Riverbed’s Performance Solutions

Keysight Visibility Platform complements Riverbed UNPM by extending efficient access to all physical and virtual network and cloud packets and flows needed for analysis. Keysight’s Vision series of network packet brokers (NPBs) collect, filter, and pass out-of-band monitoring data from networks and clouds to Riverbed UNPM for fast, reliable processing in deployments of any size. Taps, NPBs, CloudLens, and other elements of Keysight Visibility Platform optimize delivery of data to Riverbed UNPM by:  

• Aggregating packets from multiple network and cloud-based access points to Riverbed tools  

• Removing unnecessary monitoring traffic  

• Removing duplicate packets to improve throughput and storage capacity  

• Load-balancing traffic across multiple tools for cost-effective scalability  

• Timestamping data for easier troubleshooting of time-sensitive applications  

• Generating NetFlow application layer information for enhanced reporting  

• Performing SSL decryption to improve visibility 

Keysight Visibility Platform is noted for industry-best ease of use and reliable ZERO-loss advanced processing with no dropped packets. Vision NPBs also feature SSL decryption to find hidden threats, and integrated solutions for physical and virtual visibility.