Riverbed and Keysight: Dynamically surface data to enhance performance and avoid risk.

Turn raw data into informed decisions

Your IT and cybersecurity professionals need to see and understand everything taking place in your network, virtual, and cloud environments — when and as it happens. Together, Riverbed and Keysight combine and analyze packet, flow, and device metrics from your network to turn diverse data streams into the right real-time decisions.

Analytics move the needle

Riverbed’s Alluvio Unified Observability Portfolio lets enterprise IT and security analysts understand the impact network performance in the context of business performance.

Alluvio’s AppResponse and NetProfiler appliances use raw network packets captured and processed by Keysight visibility solutions to:

  • Passively collect and store data for deep-dive forensics
  • Automatically analyze performance data and provide proactive alerting
  • Convert packets to SteelFlow records (flow + performance data) for unified network visibility at data centers and remote locations
  • Generate high-definition metadata (with integrated packet capture) for full fidelity

AppResponse delivers continuous packet capture with real-time and historical application monitoring that allows analysts to observe all network and application interactions as they cross the wire, whether they are encrypted or not.

Alluvio Unified Observability Portfolio

A one-stop solution for managing the entire digital service, Riverbed Platform provides IT teams:  

  • Monitors health and performance of networks, applications and user experience across hybrid environments  
  • Ensures optimal performance of applications from the network perspective  
  • Analyzes key metrics to help isolate problems  
  • Unifies packet, flow, and device telemetry  
  • Leverages AI and Automation to speed diagnosis and remediation
  • Reduces the number of help deck tickets by nearly 90%
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Unify Data, Insights, and Actions

Riverbed is the only company with the collective richness of telemetry from network to app to end user that illuminates and then accelerates every interaction so that users get the flawless digital experience they expect across the entire digital ecosystem

Allowing customers to deliver seamless digital experiences 


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Analysis starts with accessing data. Reliable access starts with Keysight

Keysight streamlines delivery of data and metadata from network access points to Riverbed AppResponse and NetProfiler, providing rich, immediately actionable troubleshooting insights for fast, automated analysis.

Streamlining eliminates complexity

Using Keysight Vision network packet brokers (NPBs) to aggregate, prepare, and deliver analysis-ready flow and packet data to RiverBed’s Alluvio solutions makes it easy to scale hybrid visibility at will. Instead of connecting each new access point directly to every individual analysis tool that needs to see data, multiple traffic streams flow to the Keysight NPB. Duplicate and unwanted data gets siphoned out, and rich metadata gets added in.

Vision delivers exactly the right data to the right tool every time so IT and security analysts can:

– Optimize the flow of traffic to analysis tools

– Contextualize pure packets with rich metadata

– Collect complete, reliable inputs for analysis

– Reduce IT overhead and bridge cyber skills gaps

– Scale and adapt as the networks undergo transformation

Keysight Visibility Platform is noted for industry-best ease of use and reliable ZERO-loss advanced processing with no dropped packets. Vision NPBs also feature SSL decryption to find hidden threats, and integrated solutions for physical and virtual visibility.