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Vectra AI and Keysight: Eliminate the blind spots where attackers like to hide

Combining Vectra AI and Keysight visibility solutions achieves complete visibility and advanced threat response across modern hybrid networks. Cloud-scale threats, digitalization, increasing data volumes, and daunting compliance requirements all create a need for real-time performance and security monitoring. With more applications and monitoring platforms looking to access the same network data, the potential for visibility gaps grows creating blind spots that can be exploited by threat actors. Keysight and Vectra AI bridge the visibility gap.

Erase Unknown Threats 

One security platform to detect and respond to cyberattacks in minutes across critical surfaces.

Keysight Visibility Solutions and Vectra AI’s Attack Signal Intelligence™ can eliminate blind spots that allow attackers to hide. Keysight provides completes access to network data, which Vectra AI leverages for threat detection. Highlights include:  

Think like an attacker: AI-driven Detections go beyond signatures and anomalies to understand attacker behavior and zero in on attacker TTPs across the cyber kill chain 

Know what is malicious: AI-driven Triage analyzes detection patterns unique to your environment to surface relevant events and reduce noise  

Focus on the urgent: AI-driven Prioritization provides a view of threats by severity and impact enabling analysts to focus on responding to critical threats thus lowering business risk   

Why integrate Keysight visibility with Vectra AI?

The Vectra AI Platform is based on a simple principle for finding all hidden cyberthreats: Use an authoritative source of data and seek out the fundamental threat behaviors that cybercriminals can’t avoid when they carry out an attack. Keysight’s intelligent visibility solutions ensure delivery of reliable data from those authoritative sources.

Combining Keysight’s Vision series of Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) with the Vectra AI Platform with Attack Signal Intelligence (ASI) speeds threat detection and the right response. Seamless integration achieves complete visibility into traffic from anywhere in the network or cloud so 100% of traffic can be inspected and analyzed.

Vision NPBs passively send traffic from multiple network access points – like SPANs, taps and virtual taps (vTaps) – to the Vectra AI Platform for inspection and analysis. The platform collects the right network and cloud metadata and augments it with machine learning to detect all phases of persistent stealthy attacks like command-and-control communications, internal reconnaissance, botnet monetization, lateral movement and data exfiltration

AI-driven threat detection

Analyze your attack surface and identify potential threats.

Vectra AI’s Attack Signal Intelligence thinks like an attacker and knows what’s malicious. 90% fewer blind spots. 85% less alert noise. You don’t need more solutions, all you need is more clarity.

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Stop Cyber Attacks with Vectra AI’s Attack Signal Intelligence (1:35)

Analyzes data to stop threats at scale

Keysight’s Visibility solutions allow automated orchestration of its visibility platforms, seamlessly integrating with Vectra AI to enable a wide range of applications, including.

AI, machine learning and behavioral analysis expose attacker behaviors — even in encrypted traffic
Simplified deployment in any network environment with Keysight’s intuitive UI driving drag-and-drop virtual connections between SPANs/taps and the Vectra AI Platform
Scale to meet changing bandwidth requirements – Add 1-, 10-, 40-, or 100-gigabit ports as needed
Filter and remove unneeded traffic so the Vectra AI Platform always operates at peak efficiency

Load-balance traffic across multiple ports to maximize utilization
Gain visibility into virtual risk from threats hidden in east-west traffic in virtual environments

An intuitive user interface makes Keysight NPBs easy to set up and use. Simply drag-and-drop a virtual connection between SPANs/taps and the Vectra AI Platform to make a live connection.