See How Important Ease of Use is to Network Visibility

Installation, Training, Setup?

Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

A GUI for configuration can cut your costs by 75% or more.

I’m excited to publish this blog. A recent report shows the importance of ease of use. This whitepaper (The Technical and Financial Impact of Ease of Use on Network Visibility Solutions) provides an extensive review of just how important that topic is to network visibility.

In the report, extensive research was conducted to compare different types of data access mechanisms – specifically taps and SPAN ports. While a separate, recently published report from Enterprise Management Resources, shows that SPAN port usage has been increasing over the last couple of years, the author of The Technical and Financial Impact of Ease of Use on Network Visibility Solutions (Tim The OldCommGuy™ O’Neil) shows you exactly why you should be avoiding SPAN ports. This includes potential data loss, the unseen cost burden, and the negative legal ramifications for using SPAN ports.

This ease of use report also looks at the second fundamental component of any visibility architecture — network packet brokers. The report looks at the technology and shows you why it is also superior to SPAN ports and some of the cost savings that you can realize by deploying this type of technology. In addition, the report also looks at a few of the network packet broker solutions on the market that gives you critical insight into the different product solutions.

One of the truly unique things about the report is that it delivers an in-depth examination of ease of use – what it really is and the benefits. Ease of use includes installation, training, and day to day programming complexity. According to the report, using a graphical user interface (GUI), can cut your long-term operating costs by up to 75% or more. This is because a GUI creates higher productivity than a command line interface (CLI) or a menu driven interface.

Another aspect of ease of use is the amount of personnel training and retraining that is required for a product. “Usability” is the key factor that allows organizations to use network equipment with ease; and still be assured that they are getting a true, reliable, and repeatable view of their traffic and network operations.

Finally, better data is critical to capturing security threats and reducing your troubleshooting and forensic analysis costs. This report delivers insights that will allow you to optimize your monitoring and security solutions which in turn will allows you to reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO). The extra money to solve additional needs that you have – who wouldn’t love that?

For more information on these topics and see how you can optimize your network visibility solutions.