Keysight and Trellix XDR

We’re pretty sure your business depends on a dependable internet connection.

However, the current cybersecurity landscape has evolved into a complex web of threats, making seamless access to the web far from straightforward.

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Trellix XDR Platform in Action

This is where Trellix’s Threat Prevention Platform steps in, offering a robust defense against cyberattacks that conventional and next-generation firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), antivirus solutions, and web gateways may overlook.

Trellix: Real-Time IT Performance and Network Traffic Analytics

Safeguarding your network against evolving cyber threats is paramount. Trellix, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, offers a cutting-edge platform that promises to fortify your network defenses and empower real-time IT performance and network traffic analytics. 

Trellix’s NX and Network Threat Prevention Platform appliances present a comprehensive turnkey system that can be deployed inline at Internet egress points, effectively thwarting inbound exploits and outbound multi-protocol callbacks. Keysight (Ixia) works together with the Trellix team to partner our technologies and ensure your network is completely secured and easy to monitor. 

Multi-Vector Execution (MVX): Unveiling the Power of Zero-Day Attack Protection

Trellix’s Network Threat Prevention Platform takes a unique approach to cybersecurity through its patented Multi-Vector Execution (MVX). This technology stands as the first line of defense against zero-day attacks, offering the following key benefits:

  • Accurate Confirmation of Zero-Day Attacks: MVX’s advanced capabilities enable the precise identification of zero-day attacks, which are elusive and constantly evolving threats. This ensures that threats are identified promptly, even if they have never been encountered before.
  • Real-Time Protections: Trellix doesn’t just stop at detection; it actively responds to zero-day threats in real-time, preventing them from causing harm to your network.
  • Dynamic Callback Destination Capture: MVX goes beyond identifying the attack and captures the dynamic destinations these attacks aim for, providing crucial insights into the attacker’s objectives.

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Real-Time Malware Security

The Network Threat Prevention Platform offers dynamic analysis of zero-day attacks within a full-featured virtual analysis environment. This analysis yields real-time malware security content that serves a dual purpose. The Trellix XDR platform works to safeguard your local network by ensuring that zero-day attacks do not breach your defenses, while at the same time providing insights to share with subscribers to the Trellix Dynamic Threat Intelligence (DTI) cloud. This collaborative approach bolsters the overall cybersecurity community.

Seamless Integration with Incident Response Mechanisms

Part of the Keysight (formerly Ixia) partnership with Trellix is facilitated by their seamless integrations across platforms. They understand the importance of a coordinated response to cyber threats. As such, the Network Threat Prevention Platform seamlessly integrates with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems. This integration enables rapid incident response, ensuring that identified threats are acted upon promptly.

TCP Resets for Out-of-Band Blocking

In addition to its advanced threat detection and real-time protection capabilities, Trellix’s platform includes the ability to initiate TCP resets. This feature provides out-of-band blocking of TCP, UDP, or HTTP connections, thereby ensuring that any malicious connections are swiftly terminated, minimizing potential damage.

Keysight’s VisionOne: Optimizing Network Tools

Overburdening network tools can lead to inefficiencies and reduced performance. To counter this, the Trellix platform incorporates Keysight’s VisionOne, which prevents the overburdening of network tools. This optimization ensures that your network monitoring and analysis tools can perform at their best, guaranteeing that you receive accurate insights without unnecessary strain on your network infrastructure.

Trellix’s Network Threat Prevention Platform, powered by Multi-Vector Execution (MVX) technology, is a game-changer in the world of cybersecurity. It offers real-time protection against zero-day attacks, robust analysis capabilities, and seamless integration with incident response mechanisms. Furthermore, its collaboration with Trellix Dynamic Threat Intelligence (DTI) cloud and the inclusion of TCP reset functionality make it a comprehensive solution for safeguarding your network against evolving threats. 

With Trellix and Keysight (Ixia), you’re not just protected; you’re empowered.

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