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From ransomware attacks to supply chain vulnerabilities, denial of service assaults to social engineering schemes, the list of potential threats seems endless.

Cyber attackers exploit both known vulnerabilities and zero-day techniques to breach networks and compromise sensitive data.

To make matters even more challenging, the modern enterprise IT environment is becoming increasingly complex, with a growing attack surface due to trends like remote work, cloud services, and BYOD policies.

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In response to this evolving threat landscape, Keysight (Ixia) and ExtraHop have joined forces to provide organizations with the data, analysis, and detection and response capabilities required to fend off advanced threats effectively.

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The Complexity of Hybrid Architectures

Modern enterprises often operate within hybrid architectures that encompass traditional on-premises data centers, virtualized resources, remote offices, home offices, and cloud-hosted applications. While cloud-native security mechanisms exist, they primarily rely on data sources such as logs, APIs, and metrics. Unfortunately, these data sources can be susceptible to evasion tactics employed by attackers. Additionally, they may lack the granularity required to expose the intricate details of a sophisticated attack.

On the other hand, network packets, which carry comprehensive network intelligence, offer a complete source of information that can be exploited by hackers and distributed throughout an organization’s hybrid cloud. Attackers can turn off logging, metrics may lack granularity, and APIs are best suited for querying known variables. However, packets provide a holistic view of network activity and potential threats.

Delivering Packets for Analysis

To effectively defend against cyber threats, network packets must be delivered to security tools for inspection and analysis. In traditional on-premises data centers, this has been achieved through methods like switch mirrors, taps, and network packet brokers. However, the advent of hybrid cloud architectures has necessitated expanding visibility to cover the broader attack surface. Keysight has responded to this challenge with virtualized taps, packet brokers, and a cloud network data collection solution known as CloudLens. This new visibility architecture ensures consistent packet capture, regardless of the obfuscation of infrastructure by cloud service providers. Whether applications are hosted on VMware, KVM, AWS, Azure, or other cloud service providers, Keysight (Ixia) guarantees consistent visibility, enabling network intelligence-based security analysis.

Keysight (Ixia) offers features such as de-duplication, personal identification information masking, load balancing, and traffic sharing, ensuring reliable and compliant data collection at the scale demanded by modern hybrid enterprises.

 Combating Advanced Threats with Keysight (Ixia) and ExtraHop

We strongly believe that collaboration is key. Keysight (Ixia) and ExtraHop have formed a strategic partnership to provide organizations with a comprehensive solution for detecting and mitigating these threats. By combining Keysight (Ixia)’s experience with ExtraHop’s Reveal(x) Network Detection and Response, organizations gain a powerful toolset for cyber defense.

Keysight (Ixia) delivers essential packet data to ExtraHop, enabling it to detect major attacks and techniques across every phase of the chain. This hybrid coverage enables ExtraHop to swiftly detect post-compromise activities, such as lateral movement, command and control, and data exfiltration. Early detection is crucial for mitigating threats like ransomware and supply chain attacks effectively.

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As cyber threats continue to grow in sophistication and complexity, organizations must take a proactive approach to cybersecurity. The partnership between Keysight (Ixia) and ExtraHop provides a robust solution that combines network visibility, data analysis, and advanced threat detection to safeguard modern hybrid enterprises. We are here to help with YOUR network visibility! Schedule a demo today.

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