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Keysight/Ixia vs. General Packet Brokers

What Makes Sense?

Managing and securing networks has become increasingly complex in today’s interconnected world. The sheer volume of data flowing through networks and the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats demands robust solutions to ensure optimal performance and safeguard sensitive information.

This is where network packet brokers play a crucial role.

Network packet brokers act as intelligent intermediaries, capturing, aggregating, and distributing network traffic to various monitoring and security tools. They enable network administrators to monitor, analyze, and secure their infrastructure, enhancing operational efficiency and threat detection capabilities.

Among the leading players in the network packet broker market are Keysight/Ixia Packet Broker but there are lots of competitors. Most offer a range of features and functionalities designed to meet the diverse needs of organizations. However, when it comes to selecting the ideal solution for your network, understanding the strengths and differences among industry giants is essential.

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In this article, we delve into a comprehensive comparison of Keysight/Ixia Packet Broker and other general network packet broker solutions, to answer the question: “What’s better?” We explore the key features, performance, scalability, ease of use, and customer support offered by each solution. By the end, you’ll clearly understand which network packet broker aligns better with your specific network management and security requirements.

Introducing Keysight (formerly Keysight/Ixia) Packet Broker

Keysight Technologies, Inc., a renowned technology company at the forefront of accelerating innovation and ensuring connectivity and security across enterprises, service providers, and governments, has recently taken a significant step in evaluating the capabilities of its Vision X network packet broker (NPB). In collaboration with The Tolly Group, a trusted name in independent testing and third-party validation, Keysight commissioned a comprehensive assessment to compare the advanced packet processing, particularly deduplication, and application intelligence of Vision X vs. general’s GigaVUE-HC3 with Control Card version 2 multi-purpose visibility fabric.

In today’s network landscape, network visibility holds paramount importance for effective network security and performance management. The reliability and intelligence in processing network traffic rely heavily on network packet brokers. These crucial components play a pivotal role in detecting, reporting, filtering, and presenting network traffic and application data consistently and accurately to security monitoring tools, thereby achieving comprehensive visibility.

According to the findings from The Tolly Group, Keysight’s Vision X emerges as a true leader in architectural superiority. Vision X showcases its innovative design and optimized memory, delivering exceptional stability and consistent application intelligence, even during CPU overload scenarios. These remarkable attributes set Vision X apart and reinforce its position as a top-tier network packet broker solution.

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How Keysight (formerly Keysight/Ixia) Compares to the General Competition

The performance of a network packet broker is crucial for efficient traffic processing. Keysight’s Vision X has been commended for its advanced packet processing capabilities, including deduplication and stable application intelligence, even under CPU overload. It showcases architectural superiority with its innovative design and memory optimization. Other competitors’ products may have their strengths, but specific performance comparisons among solutions would require further evaluation.

Regarding network security, performance, and troubleshooting, it is crucial not to compromise on network data. Some packet brokers have the potential to drop packet data under specific conditions due to their architecture. This creates a significant concern because your Intrusion Detection System (IDS) might miss critical security threats, potentially up to 60%, without your knowledge.

In contrast, Keysight/Ixia (part of Keysight Technologies) takes a different approach by utilizing FPGA architecture for their higher-end features, such as deduplication. This architecture enables Keysight/Ixia’s Vision packet brokers to process traffic at line speed without any processing delays or feature compatibility problems typically associated with CPU-based packet brokers like general. With Keysight/Ixia’s solution, you can ensure that all network data is captured, providing comprehensive visibility without sacrificing security.

Don’t become a victim of limitations when it comes to your visibility solution. Instead, choose Keysight’s line of Vision packet brokers and taps to gain the advantage of seeing EVERYTHING and more. By embracing Keysight’s approach, you can achieve the dual objectives of enhanced visibility and robust security, empowering you to monitor, analyze, and protect your network infrastructure effectively.

Visibility plays a vital role in maintaining network security. By leveraging the resources provided by Keysight, you can establish a strong foundation for your network security strategy. Their Vision packet brokers and taps enable you to achieve comprehensive visibility into your network, ensuring that no critical data goes unnoticed. With Keysight’s solutions, you can proactively identify potential security threats, streamline performance management, and efficiently troubleshoot issues, fortifying your network against emerging risks and optimizing overall network operations.

Regarding network security and performance, don’t settle for compromised visibility. Trust in Keysight’s expertise and advanced solutions to empower your organization with the comprehensive visibility and robust security measures required to stay ahead in today’s evolving threat landscape.

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